Welcome to the OpenCaching.ORG

You are looking at a very old and tired placeholder.  Around 2004 a certain nameless Geocaching COMmercial site started making noise about being the legitimate represented face of Geocachers the world over and claiming almost anally tight control over cache directory entries, and do everything it could to monetize a service which was based entirely on the physical efforts of others.  At the same time it was trying hard to completely stifle and eclipse alternative sites.  The conclusion was clear - it was time to take back geocaching, and set up a site for Geocachers, by Geocachers, with no more interest in the subject than to facilitate an ongoing, challenging, and pretty harmless pastime without trying to lord it over the users, or to cream a commercial profit from them.  Unfortunately, whilst the idea was there the subject matter expertise and the time to build and maintain a new service from the ground up simply were not.  Which is why all you are seeing is a placeholder page...


Page created: January 31, 2005  Page last modified: August 20, 2014